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Infinity Healing Room

To achieve wellness involves the body, mind and spirit.
The Infinity Healing Room will be offering courses on mindfulness. A list of subjects coming soon.


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Welcome to Kalawna's new website. Testimonials to come.
Welcome to Kalawna's new website. Testimonials to come.
Welcome to Kalawna's new website. Testimonials to come.
Welcome to Kalawna's new website. Testimonials to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kalawna has provided some answers to commonly asked questions to assist you with your selection of her products or services. If you have any questions, please Contact Kalawna

Initially I was creating natural soaps and oils for my personal use and as gifts for friends. I became interested in the healing qualities of cannabis in an effort to help my husband. He suffers from spinal degeneration and experiences cluster headaches. He also suffered many side-effects from prescribed medications. I wanted to find a way to help him feel better.

Yes, I believe that some of my products will help with healing. I have received feedback from friends, clients and relatives who have experienced healing with issues such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, shingles, skin cancer, insomnia and also with muscular pain relief.

Absolutely. Kalawna’s Cooking Oil is ingestible and is also pet-friendly. It is great for baking cannabis-infused brownies or cookies and it can also be used in salads. Please read the instructions. As for pets, a friend fed it daily to her sick yearling horse. He was terribly ill and they feared was going to die. A month later, the horse’s ailments had healed and he was no longer sick. I am always amazed at the healing qualities of cannabis.

Like any product, it depends upon who is using it and how it relates to your body. My products are natural and have helped many people, however there are some that have experienced allergic reactions. To be safe I advise that you test the product first to see how you react to it.

Blog Posts

When I have something to say, you will find it here along with commentary by respected healers in their fields of expertise. Blessings to you. Kalawna.


Understanding Reincarnation

There are some things that you don’t necessarily have to understand in order to understand it. Reincarnation is one of those things. Story to come

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