My Goals

I have made it my goal to provide a business with the integrity that I have learned and adopted from my ancestry, my teachers and my family. I use my profound connections and skills to help others to find their way, to find peace, to alleviate pain, trauma and stress.


My Passion

Many studies have been done in efforts to both prove, and disprove, the existence of psychic phenomena. Quantum physics can’t explain it. The current view of macrocosmic physics is outside of this awareness, though Newton’s microcosmic quantum physics could lead to more tangible findings. I’m not an expert so I leave such discoveries to the researchers but even I am perplexed at the ‘hows’ around psychic phenomena. As for the ‘why’ I do have my own set of theories. The studies go on. Meanwhile we live with our consciousness, usually explained by science as brain activity produced by our cognitive awareness. I am intrigued by the theorists who wonder if, for some of us, our brain’s cognitive activities may lead to developing consciousness skills that receive other forms of consciousness not yet known and therefore beyond the capabilities of most humans. The ‘radio model’ explains this in more detail. Most people who have experienced occurrences of psychic phenomena are firm believers in this form of awareness and communication. I come from a family of people who have communicated through other forms of consciousness for many generations. How it manifests itself has been a very different experience for all of us. For me it began when I was very young. A voice was heard, images could be seen. And then they appeared. My teachers.

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